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Enkore crafts an EP worth an encore performance with Dhalta Chaand – Score Indie Reviews

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Mumbai-based rapper Ankur Johar aka Enkore has been crooning his bilingual verses in English and Hindi for quite some time, garnering a cult following after his last album Bombay Soul. Since then, he has gone on to be featured on projects such as songs from producer Sez On The Beat’s MVMNtT project (Goonj and Kahaani 2020). Now, he is back with collaborators like the aforementioned Sez and fellow Mumbai MC Yashraj with his 4-track EP Dhalta Chaand.

The EP opens up with an atmospherically chilled-out tune titled Hey Bhagwaan. Enkore opens up about the peace and tranquility that he desires in his life, away from the everyday chaos. The hook seems to be a direct letter to God as he croons an airy reprise. Balance Cooper’s production sets an ambient lo-fi vibe while Enkore’s flow in Hindi interestingly seems to resemble Prabh Deep’s early songs in the album Class-Sikh.

Contrasting with the divine Bhagwaan is the next track christened Nashe. Enkore continues his storytelling aspects and personal narratives as he touches upon getting addicted and the emotionlessness that comes out of it. The hook with the rapper merely repeating Nashe is rousing and is bound to get audiences bobbing their heads in live performances.

Finally, the next chapter leads listeners to the titular track that also features the talents of Yashraj. One thing about Enkore’s flow that has changed as compared to his previous songs is a new laidback attitude. In the older releases, Enkore used to stress a lot on his enunciation. Now, his delivery seems slightly more casual while retaining his aggressive introspections. Whatever be the case, the rapper is clearly showing diversity with new releases.

Yet again, Dhalta Chaand benefits greatly from an extremely calming chorus that is rooted in repeating the title over and over. Yashraj helms the second verse with a descriptive verse on late-night musings as an artist. The song is definitely a standout from the EP and is perfectly suited to listen in your room in the middle of a lonely night.

Finally, the EP closes with Heal AF. As usual, Enkore relies on descriptive storytelling to explain the mundane surroundings and occurrences around him. At the same time, he recounts his past with old friends and adversaries while touching on the importance of being ‘real’ despite all the money and fame.

Overall, the four songs aren’t that different in terms of production or verses (except maybe Dhalta Chaand) but if you hear the lyrics in detail, you can notice the different themes. Regardless of the similarities, it is a good thematic EP and offers more anticipation for Enkore’s fans. Before he drops his next project, Dhalta Chaand EP makes for a perfect option to get a glimpse into his creative mindset and changed ‘calm’ avatar.

Verdict: To quote the final song from this EP, the four tracks are ‘real as f***’.

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