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Music Review: Swarathma’s Aaj Ki Taaza Single

Remember the Swarathma single we had been looking forward to for a while? Yes, it’s finally here. ‘Aaj Ki Taaza Fiqar’, the first single from their second album ‘Topiwalleh’, is already out and about, getting tongues wagging all over the internet.

The depth of fusion in this song, of musical styles and cultures, goes beyond just the juxtaposition of rambunctious guitaring coupled with Hindi lyrics. It’s, in fact, a whole new dimension; a quasi Hindi rock opera, if you will.

Subtle, yet theatrically enough, spoken word metaphors bring to light the incongruities of life that create ‘Aaj Ki Taaza Fiqar’. It makes the song quite a work of art, especially since it requires a certain degree of insight to appreciate.

Not that you’re supposed to possess it. No one can guarantee that you’ll love the song. You’ll be entertained though. Listen in to feel the vibes – see if you can identify with the frustrations. 

[youtube_video id=gcDWBbOWKnY]

Groovy, ain’t it?

Catch them tomorrow as they headline The Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2011 at Counter Culture, Bangalore 7pm! 

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