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Subhi’s new track ‘Empire’ explodes with energy and build up to satisfy listeners – Score Indie Reviews

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Having worked in the industry for a while, Subhi’s music catalog is extremely diverse. Having had her music played all over the world, to having it featured in the title track of a Netflix Series, this outing by Subhi is a follow up to her track ‘Better’ which follows a similar soundscape. However, ‘Empire’ sets itself apart by amping up the energy factor.

‘Empire’ features a sonic landscape of modern synthwave set within a melancholic vibe of a narrative it tries to tell. It works great at setting up the listener’s expectations and providing them with a satisfying climax. The brilliant vocal line could’ve used a little bit more of the spotlight and not be muddled in the mix.

This, by no means, takes away from the brilliance of her vocals that sit on top of the song to create what is a cohesive sounding package; one that is complimented by the tasteful harmonies to it. A song that thrives in its simplicity and setting the mood, ‘Empire’ stays true to its core lyrically too. The phrasing and note choices used for the lyrics, leads to melodic construction that fits the rest of the song, adding to that cohesive package. 

The music video features a brilliant dance performance by Nina Invencion and the dance is perfectly complemented by the song. While the song does a great job at creating an energetic vibe, at 2:45 long, we wish we had a bit more of it. The track is great for setting the mood on a long road trip in the night while having cool air blowing on your face, giving your moment of solace. 

Verdict: A melancholic yet energetic track with a touch of synthwave presented in a satisfying package.

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