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Stupiditties 6 is on the look out for original indie music

Each year, Indie record label ennui.BOMB releases a compilation of original Indian “unmetal” indie music. This series, termed as the Stupiditties series, is compiled by label founder Rishu Singh and is now in its sixth edition. Till date, the Stupiditties series has provided a platform for over 70 artists and is a great way to get your music heard all over India. Some of these artists include Sh’aair + Func, The Superfuzz (Indigo Children), Medusa (Sky Rabbit), Menwhopause, Bombay Bassment, The Riot Peddlers and The Circus

 The current edition of Stupiditties is “Stupidities 666: Satan Lives!“. ennui.BOMB is currently on the look out for some original, unmetal music from the Indian indie scene. According to Rishu Singh, “Language no bar. Music needs to be original and unmetal.

Anyone interested can send in their submissions (in MP3) along with a band biography, a picture and complete contact details at [email protected]. Entries close on 31st July! 

Check out the last edition of Stupiditties V:

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