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Stan The Wrapper. Yes, that’s wrapper with a ‘W’

The sudden apparition of this artist on the local rap scene seems to have taken the country by a storm… a dust storm.

Without further ado, let us meet Stan the Rapper :

[youtube_video id=rfPS_9clwCc]

The hip beats and the exclusive pictures in the montage preceding his rap have this ability to catch everyone off guard. Here is a man of many talents. He can, without any exaggerations:

  1. Name designer sunglasses by make and model from a distance. In fact, he can spot out even the subtlest of taints that help distinguish Oakleys from Fauxkleys.
  2. Play lead and rhythm at the same time on a guitar. Need we mention, he can shred on a 6 string bass as well.
  3. Mix and produce records at lightning speed. 

But he seems to have forsaken all of this to follow his true passion in life – rapping. As seen from the previous video, one gets a glimpse of what makes him so cutting edge:

  • Original content. Because, who raps about their life and family?
  • Free verse rapping. Because rhymes are passé now.
  • No background music. Because one wouldn’t be able to concentrate on his poetic excellence otherwise.
  • Unflinching, unblinking expressionless delivery. Because even Arjun Rampal can’t live up to it.

But wait, there’s so much more to him! Stan the Rapper is quite the sensitive guy! 

[youtube_video id=72xZjFLP-lE]

As a nod to Jay Z (99 problems), Stan’s own style of rhythmic rapping reveals more insights about his own tormented soul. In fact, the girl he talked about did consent to meet him for coffee, and then they exchanged numbers. But the poor guy just doesn’t realize what other rappers keep talking about – “Bitchez be crazy, yo! You know dat!

[youtube_video id=TclSXvtdkuc]

After this video came out, the ladies, woebegone by his heart-wrenching sorrows, and his irresistible aerial kiss, started calling him so much and so often that his phone carriers actually had to charge him for incoming calls. No, seriously! And when he couldn’t contain his tempestous torments, he had to let off steam in an as-of-yet unexplored manner – something that will possibly inspire even Eminem to follow suit:

[youtube_video id=lz6fuksOwLM]

Stan the Rapper was unavailabe to comment. He was last seen perusing over Sunglass Hut’s 2012 collection, while on his way to a meeting with rival producers and talent managers.

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