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Mumbai’s horror/heavy metal band Albatross’ new single!

Mumbai based horror/heavy metal band Albatross recently released a single from their upcoming EP ‘The Kissing Flies.’


The track titled ‘Uncle Sunny At The Tavern’ features Niklas Stalvind (vocalist/rhythm guitarist of Swedish heavy band Wolf) sharing vocal duties with Albatross frontman Biprorshee Das.

Bassist Dr Hex explains the concept behind the song. “An unnamed narrator returns to his native town, Raptorsville after sixteen years to find it in shambles. An element of decay pervades every inch of the town; an atmosphere of wither which seems to have infected even the townspeople. Unable to come to terms with this disarray, he walks into the local tavern and meets a figure he recognizes from his youth, the mysterious Uncle Sunny. What ensues is left for you, the listener to discover.

‘The Kissing Flies’ is Albatross’s second release, after their 2010 debut ‘Dinner Is You’. The EP forms a part of a split release with American occult metal band Vestal Claret and is slated for an April 2012 release.

Dr Hex adds, “Exciting things are happening in the Albatross camp. We’ve recently signed on to a merchandising company, and a label announcement will be made at a later date.”

Until then, listen to the track HERE!

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