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Split’s Public Service Announcement

Split, progressive rock evangelists from Mumbai, revealed the title of their next album during their set at the recently concluded Independence Rock XXVI. So, after P For Pig, it’s now time for Counting Perfume. They really do let their imagination do the talking.

The whimsy is for a cause, though, and Split’s music provides it the right medium. Which is why it’s also the perfect stage for Split’s intended social experiment, now served open to applicants via a dedicated Facebook page:

In brief, they are inviting you to send them a 30-second voice sample of you talking about anything under the sun, in any language under the sun. These soliloquies will then be snipped and layered together to form part of the song, “Return to Bicameralism” on their new album. For copyright purposes, Split have decided to necessitate the addition of a “I promise to let Split use this voice sample and promise not to fuck them over later” rider, to be recorded verbatim on every voice sample.

Makes for one interesting way to gauge universal thoughts and dreams, apart from offering the commoner a chance at some mp3 immortality.

Talking about mp3, you can stream Split’s previous album, P For Pig right here.

The house favourite is “Holy Ghost Machine Gun”, fyi.

You can also download the songs off the band’s Facebook page

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