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Song Preview :: Student Of The Year :: The Disco Song

Upon seeing the name of this song (read: The Disco Song), I immediately predicted it to be a typical Vishal-Shekhar meets Karan Johar dance track a la You Are My Soniya / It’s The Time To Disco. It seems to be mandatory for KJo to include a disco track in his movies.

Imagine my shock when this track turned out to be a reworked version of the amazing Nazia Hassan’s legendary hit Disco Deewane. Believe me, I really wasn’t expecting my all time favorite Indi-pop track to be recreated in this fashion.

Before I continue, why don’t you take a look at it for yourself:

[youtube_video id=Y3wvsGYju60]

After reeling from the initial shock, I had to admit that V-S have a blockbuster in their hands. Let me tell you why:

A) The original Disco Deewane is evergreen. Period. Over the years, a volley of artists including one-time Indi-pop staples Sagarika & Anamika reworked Nazia’s track. Its remix can still be heard in nightclubs. All in all, Disco Deewane is here to stay. Check it out:

[youtube_video id=mWzTZE-B1fM]

Vishal-Shekhar & Karan Johar are cleverly cashing in on this by presenting the track once again – albeit with a fantastic twist.

B) The publically-proclaimed kings of dance tracks, Vishal-Shekhar have imparted their own music sensabilities while keeping the essence of Disco Deewane alive. They have retained the chorus of Disco Deewane, that too in Nazia Hassan’s voice, while the other original portions have been sung by Benny Dayal & Sunidhi Chauhan. These singers sound amazing and share great aural chemistry together. The original portions by Vishal-Shekhar, too, are top notch – especially, the interlude between the verses.

C) Moving on, this track is HIGHLY addictive – especially the English bits by Vishal Dadlani himself.

“You know it, so sing it, now throw your hands up and say
Disco Deewana Ah ha.”

Clever isn’t it? The first line itself verifies my first point from above.

What escalates this track to another level is the brilliant interweaving of some heavy duty beats with the vocals – something V-S are well known for. There isn’t a single boring moment during its 5+ minutes runtime. I do have an issue with Anvita Dutt’s lyrics – they’re uninteresting & corny. Sample this:

“Dance like a deewaana tonight, Move like a mastana tonight,
Party like a parwana tonight, Jo kehna hai keh de”

Am I supposed to believe that this is the best they could do? Trying to sound young and fun is fine, but not at the cost of throwing such mundane words at us.

D) I bow down to the creative minds behind Student Of The Year. If making a brilliant start with this song wasn’t enough, they have actually included a small portion of another song from SOTY itself in this track – Ishq Wala Love, which has been sung by Shekhar Ravjiani. The man sounds absolutely dreamy and it is unfair on Dharma Productions’ part to tease their audience in such a way.

The reason I dislike song previews is because of the waiting period that follows till the release of the entire album.

Coming back to this track, I give a huge thumbs-up to Vishal-Shekhar for delivering a power-packed track.

Stay tuned to for the Student Of The Year’s music review. 

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