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Song Preview :: Heroine :: Halkat Jawani

The much-awaited promo of Halkat Jawani is finally out – and, as usual, we have an opinion! 

It is an undeniable fact that Agneepath’s Chikni Chameli has been THE item song of 2012 till now. The song arrived with a bang and is still creating waves of titillation. Shreya Ghoshal truly added another trophy to her mantelpiece with this cracker of a song.

Now, 8 months later, Shreya’s supposed rival, Sunidhi Chauhan is making her presence felt with the highly awaited smashing item song from ace director Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine – aptly titled, Halkat Jawani.

Composed by the highly versatile Salim-Sulaiman, the song’s first look is finally out – and wow! The final product is amazing!

Every element of the song stands out – be it the highly addictive beats, the appropriate fusion of Indian & Western sounds, Sunidhi’s power-packed intoxicating vocals and of course, the perfectly crude lyrics!

[youtube_video id=U84UPFVRivc]

At the very onset of the song, Sunidhi sensuously invites her listeners with repeated chants of the word ‘Aaja’. She has the right amount of seduction and naughtiness in her voice and makes you want to appreciate her jawani. She flirts with you, she charms you, she has enough ‘nakhras’ in her playback and tantalizes you till you fall off the edge.

Moving on, the arrangements seem to be top-notch but can be judged only with a greater quality version of the same. The tune is pretty straightforward and you’ll find yourself immediately humming it. Though, I must admit that a vague sense of déjà vu does exist and not much can be spoken about an otherwise average tune.  

My favorite portion of the song is towards the end when Sunidhi rustically croons the lines, “Aye Haye, Oye Hoye, Jawani, Halkat Jawani”.

Wah! Kya adaayein hain.

Everything seems to be working in favour of this song – especially the lyrics. One would hope that the lyrics have just the right amount of crudeness & crassness yet are enveloped in a wrapper of sophisticated presentation and Halkat Jawani remarkably achieves that. Check it out for yourself:

Aaja zara sarak le, Gir le zara bahek le,
Saiyyan zara chhalak le haaye, Aake moh se lipat le,
Tedha zeher hai ye iss se naa kar chhedkhani,
Night ki naughty kahaani,Ye Halkat Jawani, Ye Halkat Jawani
Meetha ye namkeen pani, Ye Halkat Jawani,Ye Halkat Jawani

Chhoron ki neeyat halaal kare, Basti mein daily bawaal kare…
Item bana ke rakh le haaye, Chakhna bana ke chakh le,
Aankhon ko kyun seke, Haathon se kar manmaani,
Night ki naughty kahaani, Ye Halkat Jawani, Ye Halkat Jawani,
Meetha ye namkeen pani, Ye Halkat Jawani, Ye Halkat Jawani.
Aye haye oye hoye, Jawani Ye Halkat Jawani haye

Despite being a song preview, I NEED to mention the item girl in question – Kareena Kapoor. From Refugee to Heroine, her acting skill & mannerisms have grown by leaps and bounds. Katrina Kaif has a strong competitor in the form of Kareena who impresses you with her dancing maneuvers and leaves a strong mark by delivering the perfect expressions. Honestly, at times, it is difficult to fathom that this is really Kareena Kapoor. 

After an impactful theatrical trailer, the first song promo from Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine leaves you starving for more – and this, in my opinion, is the mark of a good promo. 

Stay tuned to for the music review of Heroine. 

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