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GIG REVIEW: KOZMI COW (Gowri Jayakumar)

Kozmi Cow (Gowri Jayakumar) 

Put down your guns cause this one’s armed! No guns and grenades here, just her two friends Greg and there was this orient guy, ‘Takamine?’ (for the ill informed, they’re guitars) What a performance! Thank you ‘Kozmi Cow (Gowri Jayakumar).  

Armed with her Guitar in hand and a voice that rather levitated and hovered off of the floor. It kept you smiling and wondering how’d she do it ? With some very jazzy riffs, a lot of ‘Ella Fitzgerald’ going on here, and rightly so.  But just when you thought you had her all figured out she’d go on out there and tear it up with those very neat and funky guitar pickings. Talent has touched down and were soaking it up!

She’s got an obsession for ‘butterflies and monkeys’. She says. In this playful and somber voice of hers, its one thing to perform and rise to the occasion (its got everyone watching, all eyes on you, listening) but when you’re raising that bar time and over for yourself with each number, Ouch! Kudos to you!  
“No monkey songs though” she later says, cue displeased crowd.
A rather mellow and delectable approach to most of her numbers, they’re quick but yet they’ve got you hanging on to every word and verse. It reminded me of Morrison at ‘The Hollywood Bowl’.  

‘See the pussy run’
was one of those many numbers. Jazzy riff, foot tapping stuff going on here.
A hint of Carla Bruni, with that drawl and persona here and there. Hoarse, but yet very suttle and feminine. Beautiful, I’m in love with this girl from Bangalore.
There’s this magical aura she always seemed to radiate maybe it had something to do with her performance where it threw you into this world of tales and poems and poetry and every word simply refused to taste of stone. An anthology of short stories of ‘the  shady.’ All of it very well executed. Beautiful. 

[youtube_video id=vhTlfV8cldU]

Edible plucking off of that Takamine made good to everyones ears. Personally? I love Takamine acoustics and when done right?  Ouch. Kiss me, reach out and hold me.
Those majors (chords) looming over your head as those minors (chords again) lifted and toiled with you with only one motive in mind, ‘Smile’. Talent packed small and petite! 
A recurring jazz theme to almost all numbers ‘kill my baby’ another favourite. A very morbid and melancholic theme towards the start of this one but it eventually kicked in promised to deliver just like every other song, throw in that cello already with that bass and take me away. Please!  

‘Big fish in a tiny dish ‘, a song about corporate jobs with all if us stuck at our dead end jobs encompassed and burdened in a jungle of glass. I loved the guitar on her. She had us all sold. With your surroundings and atmosphere taken into consideration you’ve got to play it smart, musicality has to coarse through you at all time, with twirling, spell binding, wand whirling songs.
A peppy number flowed later on. ‘Butterfingers ‘, she called this one. It reminded me of apple pie cooling off the window sill as the cat pranced all over the place. Red wine, Books, Cigarettes, Silken thighs and Ivy lips. I think I’m in love.

Thank you Kozmi Cow, thank you Gowri Jayakumar.

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