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Shruti Haasan, MC Altaf, Karan Kanchan & Karan Parikh – She is a Hero – Score Indie Reviews

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If you are familiar with Shruti Haasan, you will definitely be aware that she is a woman of many talents. She wears many hats and her passionate work as a singer-songwriter is another one of those. Her latest track, “She is a Hero” has spontaneous energy to it. This is present from the get-go. 

The track brings together varied artists and a mix of genres to shine a light on the struggles and triumphs of women. The song is an ode to powerful stories of women all across the globe who go above and beyond in everything they do, regardless of the domain, with empathy, elegance and fortitude.  

She is a Hero’s structure allows each collaborator to introduce themselves with parts that ebb and flow, creating an intensity that characterizes much of the track. As the song unfolds, it’s wonderful and sees each player drop into a tight role, nailing the piece. The song’s tight production by Karan Kanchan and Karan Parikh allows each player room to stretch in places before coming back to the core of the song.

Shruti Haasan brings a fiery and sinister edge to the music with her vocal delivery. Her low notes are bewitching and her performance near the end of the track brings energy and unrest into the upper register. She exhibits her range wonderfully and does an excellent job in driving the emotions of this track through. 

The confluence of her vocals with the excellent rapping of MC Altaf takes the free and feral nature of the song to the next level. Shruti Haasan’s vocals provide the chassis here with a powerful and nimble rap pattern from MC Altaf that allows both the players room to be creative. 

Shruti Haasan and her collaborators MC Altaf, Karan Kanchan and Karan Parikh have come together for a multi-faceted and highly creative song. She is a Hero is an emotionally charged, fascinating and dynamic track with a powerful message. Don’t miss it. 

Verdict: Prepare to get the fever.

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