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Hanita Bhambri’s latest release has some real depth – Score Indie Reviews

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We humans are one of the most insecure inhabitants of this planet. Speculating what others think about us is one of the inherent qualities of ours. In our heads we mostly downplay ourselves constantly questioning if someone actually likes us.

We are insecure about how we look, how others perceive us or how others might not love us for what we are. And this is not just for people with feeble minds, even the most confident ones among us have the same issue. Dealing with the same is this new song from Hanita Bhambri, ‘Oceans’.

‘Oceans’, is a song which talks about thoughts running deep inside of us. It bares the songwriter’s souls in front of the audience. It is one of those intimate songs which feels really close to home. Written in the form of questions we ask our partners in our head but never out loud fearing what they might answer, this song is gets it pretty deep into one’s insecurities. As Hanita says, this song really is vulnerable to its core. 

Right as you hit play, a very soft guitar piece welcomes you into the song. Followed by mesmerizing voice of Hanita which takes it to a high. The intertwining of Clarinet along with guitar and her voice makes it all the better. Production wise the song is a pretty good job which makes it easier on ear.

Talking these type of thoughts out loud is difficult, let alone making it public to millions of people to listen to is a commendable job. Hanita has done it beautifully and gracefully with her honeyed vocals and splendid songwriting. More power to her.

Verdict: Intimate, hard-hitting and speculative.

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