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Girl In The City – Shashaa Tirupati | Wazim-Murali | Athulya C | Jithin Mathew | Alchemy | Songfest: Score Indie Reviews

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National Award, Screen and Filmfare Award Winning Indo-Canadian playback singer, songwriter/music producer, theatre actor and voice over artist Shashaa Tirupati has joined forces with the composer duo of Wazim-Murali to create the stunning track, “Girl In The City”. The beautiful track is centred around the alchemy of self.

It deals with the whole gamut of experiences and feelings that people go through while chasing their dreams. The song also acknowledges the sacrifices made in the process, and the handling of the conflicted, scared feelings in the gut. But in the end, “Girl In The City” is a celebration of our determination to run behind our dreams and keep the fire burning within us. “Girl In The City” is a story of each one of us living through our journey of self discovery and fulfillment. 

In little over four minutes, “Girl In The City” delights us with a delicious blend of music that has multiple shades, is sprinkled with sustained lines, weaving counter lines, and features ethereal, ambient and resonant chords. The mood is generally uplifting and listening to this song is bound to put a smile on your face. “Girl In The City” is a rousing number that exudes rhythmic and melodic beauty, along with a dollop of personal bravado. This enticing musical composition brings out a sense of adventure and accomplishment among the listeners. 

While “Girl In The City” isn’t an overtly dramatic composition, it does exude some sense of drama. Especially near the end when Shashaa Tirupati takes the song to the next level on a luscious layer of beautiful harmonies. 

“Girl In The City” has a rhythmic, soaring, beautiful soundscape which makes it quite contemporary sounding. The rich and resonant guitar, combined with the crisp percussion help develop the song’s theme perfectly. And to top it all off, Arjun B Nair has mixed and mastered this track wonderfully so that it truly ends up becoming more than the sum of its parts. 

Verdict: Buoyant.

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