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Shakira’s Desi Revelations

Desi affiliations have officially gone multi-ethnic, with Colombian hotstepper, Shakira, the latest to hop onto the bandwagon.

This scoop comes from Adnan Sami primarily, who spent a lot of quality time with the international pop icon on the sidelines of industrialist KP Singh’s 80th birthday celebrations in Udaipur recently.

Adnan Sami, of course, liked to romanticize the occasion, as he and Shakira got talking music on the boat ride to the spectacular Lake Palace Hotel for the birthday celebrations proper. It was here that he found “Shakira to be a global musician”. A collaborative effort might even be in the works, but Sami demurred when pressed for details. “We did discuss a lot of ideas. But it’s too early to talk about it right now. All I can say is that Shakira is definitely coming back to India”.

It’s all much of a surprise, but according to Sami, Shakira is quite an Indophile. “She wasn’t just interested in the ragas or a geet or a dhun. She wants to explore the roots of classical Indian music”.

Well, wouldn’t you agree? Watching her shake it to a geet is definitely something to look forward to.   

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