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ScoreRoundup: Sleazy, Sleazy Whales

Welcome to another edition of Score Roundup, where Harry returns from his first run in with the dementors to discover that Ringwraiths had burned down the Lars Homestead. 


Pictured: Angry Elf.



Articles: (Because we know you do not have headphones)

This week, Mihir ate the Humble Pie with Five Young Cannibals, and told us about the five bands that never quite made it. Incredibly lame puns were made.

But seriously, Mississippi Queen= BEST ALBUM INTRO EVERRRRR!

[youtube_video id=qFhM1XZsh6o] 

Also, he resurfaced from the world of Sex, Drugs and Incredible Sleaze, much like a whale, to give us the Five Sleaziest Moments in Rock History


This is how you should be imagining Mihir Sinha. Only much Sleazier.

And because here at Score, all of us have had wistful pangs of wanting to own Death Rays and Volcano Lairs: Preetha gave us the supervillian playlist, as explored by Disney.





Welcome to the Score Office.

We sampled videos with very unattractive pelvic thrusts and very attractive girls for you, dear readers. I suppose it balanced out at the end of the day. 

[youtube_video id=wyx6JDQCslE]

Also Sandhya did cartwheels through the entire week because Lady Gaga is rumoured to come to India. On entirely unrelated news, tailors and butchers are forming a new and bizarre conglomerate. 

Event Reviews ( By the very rare writers who managed to stay sober. )

Our new and extremely ambiguous writer, Shruthi, had a series of unfortunate events at a sumberge gig in Bangalore this week. Go laugh at her misery.

Also, the awesomely named Cyd the Squyd covered Soulmate at Blue Frog in Mumbai. He still refuses to tell us whether he lives next door to a pineapple under the sea, though. 



Pictured: Cyd on a bad hair day. 

ScoreBytes ( Everything that you need to know about music, and some things that you do not.)

This week, Jay Sean reached heights of villainry yet unforseen by man by terrorising little children of Sesame Street. Both Rihanna and Jason Mraz released their new singles. Cheryl Cole is now uh, a target for terrorists



Because terrorism is all about this.

In heights of good news, Elton John, Metallica AND Lady Gaga are headed to India. What can be expected is bipolar tendencies as the international-acts-deprived Indian youth oscillates between genres of thrash metal n brash pop, caught in a pathetic fix – which artist deserves crowd braving?

Also, we are seriously putting up a shrine for The Beatles after discovering this. Raunaq is slated to be the head-priest. 

In other news, Falguni Pathak is back and doing what she does best: Dandiya. I continue to remain impressed. 

Seriously though, R.E.M. broke up this week after 31 years of rock and roll. From now on I suppose, it is only standard-shift for the people. ( I really, profoundly appologise to all R.E.M. fans for making that joke.) A breakup playlist was explored.  

Score Gig Alerts ( Remember, i before e except in Budweiser) 

We told you where the party’s at in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, thanks to our friends at Whats The Scene. 

Click here to regret about all the awesome stuff you missed this week, OR alternately to find where you and your beer-goggles were on that hazy tuesday night.

That that is all for this week. We have some great stuff coming up next week also, but now I have to go evade the law and strike fear into the hearts of criminals. 


And play chess.

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