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Taylor Swift Covers Some & Then, Not

 Taylor Swift covers Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me A River among others as part of her tour line up! This comes after a line of other tributes to artists like Eminem, Uncle Kracker, Justin Bieber & Jordin Sparks!

[youtube_video id=fQTyf7qq9pE]

Aaaaaand? What do you think?

Taylor’s freestyle ballad or Justin’s R&B original?

In other far more interesting news, the country starlet is in the throes of a scandal. There are topless photos of Swift wafting about on the worldwide web, courtesy Celebrity Jihad.

What is Celebrity Jihad? Well, it is a moral policing site with most amusing strategies for ensuring that the celebrity white ladies remain within limits of decency.

Carrie Underwood’s Butt Offends In Leather Pants was another recent headline that had eyebrows raised and sniggers spill.

While the lady’s reps scream hoarse that Taylor is indeed a good girl and them tata’s that we see are fabricated foozle, we take a moment to consider the repurcussions of this.

Perhaps a new single that speaks extensively about her exploitation?
(The inner me explodes/ as the outer me is exposed * twang twang*

Perhaps a Taylor Award For Tolerance?
(followed by an upstaging by neighbourhood attention seeking hip hopper) 

Perhaps a flourishing career in B grade films when the guitar strings finally snap?
(we have a source that I cannot disclose who has even christened her in advance for said lucrative career option – Tail-her Tits!)

The lush pastures of opportunity are open far and wide,
We’ll be ready for you Taylor – whatever you decide 😉

Now watch this & remember her for her MUSIC, you perverts!

[youtube_video id=XPBwXKgDTdE]

Yes yes, yours only

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