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Metallica’s Black Swan

Metallica and Lou Reed have recruited filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, of Black Swan fame, to direct their new music video. 

The video to their new song Iced Honey will be set in the San Francisco bay area, and will be released later this month. If his last movie is anything to go by, hopefully this video too will contain footage of Natalie Portman kissing girls, so start holding your collective breaths.

Natalie Portman kissing girls. You perv.

The song is part of the new Loutallica album Lulu which drummer Lars Ulrich has defined as one of the high points of his career. Reed has called it, ‘ the best music I have ever made.’ High hopes for next month then, it should be awesome.

Darren Aronofsky is known for accidentally crapping out brilliance on occassion, as with ‘The Wrestler’ and ‘The Fighter’ but he is more famous for plots more contorted than a russian gymnast with the bends. So expect Ulrich and Hammet to be cast as starcrossed lovers, separeted by rifts in the space time continuum and having inexplicable Australian accents. 

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