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ScoreByte: New Katy Perry Single Is Now Out!! YAYYY!!

Katy Perry’s new single is now out. Obviously, you want to listen to the musician who took both lactation and aliens to a whole new level ( most probably at the same time.) 

Here it is, then:

[youtube_video id=Q45PVYamJbY]

The song, titled: The One That Got Away, describes very tediously what she did with her very unfortunate boyfriend when they were young and naive and possibly not wearing a red football uniform and straddling an atomic bomb-size tube of cherry Chapstick. AKA, Every song Taylor Swift has ever written. 

On unrelated news, Katy Perry made it to the top of’s Best All-time summer songs list with California Gurls. That kind of publicity is hard to argue with. 

Just one question, in passing: Why are people buying her album and not Zoeey Deschanel’s?


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