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Kanye Loves All Those Strings Attached.

It’s a comedy show that never was. Presenting Alligator Boots, for some retrospective fun

Kanye West is actually a funny guy. Who knew? Well, maybe, if his protracted puppet show, Alligator Boots, would’ve materialized in 2008, the world might’ve chosen to remember him for different reasons, other than being the idiot who climbed up on stage in the middle of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV VMAs and made an ass of himself.

It was conceptualized by Kanye West, in collaboration with fellow-rapper, Rhymefest, as a show for Comedy Central. They even made a pilot, guest starring Kim Kardashian. And all this time, no one knew about it, till a behind-the-scenes compilation was leaked online recently. 

[youtube_video id=wFgGG9wr4kY]

Watching the little clip almost makes you regret that the show didn’t make it any further. Starting with skit featuring Kim Kardashian, dressed up as Princess Leia, being crassly courted by a lion puppet named Beary, voiced by Jimmy Kimmel, the show has enough gags to leave you breathless. It’s a baudy, 18+ family show, like only rappers can make them. But what I loved the most of all, was that incredibly catchy theme song, that’s almost worth it by itself.

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