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Score Playlist :: 90s :: SCORE NIGHT!

It’s Friday Night & you know what that means! SCORE NIGHT! And tonight, we are hosting a throwback to the 90s. 

As a child of the 90s, my memories are mostly of the later half.


  • High waisted pants
  • Spaghetti tops
  • Braided hair
  • Dark lipstick
  • Bellbottoms
  • Boybands & girlbands
  • Funky keys
  • ‘Fitting’ tees
  • Gelled hair

I could go on & on but instead I present to you some songs that have one or all of the above. These are the songs that got people grooving in clubs nearly 20 years ago (it IS that long ago!)


[youtube_video id=3cnQCk0u49w]

Vengaboys – Boom Boom Boom!

[youtube_video id=OdRg1JVZxSY]

No Mercy – Where Do You Go

[youtube_video id=tyANFcnrM8I]

Gala – Freed From Desire

[youtube_video id=KUDSTQxifsk]


[youtube_video id=OG0AvwM_QAI]

Chilli + Carrapicho – Baji Baji Bumbo

[youtube_video id=8ZsHBGxMNKM]


[youtube_video id=YfhTKx43ezU]

Haddaway – What Is Love (Baby Don’t Hurt Me)

[youtube_video id=-6g-Vh4vcD0]

La Bouche – Be My Lover

[youtube_video id=5P0_v__IOrE]

I hope I have successfully stimulated your 90s nerve (medically unverified). 

Get to Star Rock (in Spring Hotel, Kodambakkam High Rd) at 8 sharp & catch the lovely girls of High Kicks performing a killer mashup of 90s hits!

And if you guys are enthusiastic enough, we may even take a lil trip to the desi side of the era!

[youtube_video id=QJ_8oJZIHMU]

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