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HysteriaXtreme ’12


One of the largest Western Rock competitions in India, Hysteria has seen the rise of famed names in the Indian rock scene like Sanitarium, Overture, Lycanthropia, Manefus, Therefore Play, Backdoor Blues. And it’s back!

Hysteria ’12 invites everyone with their rock machines, percussions and growls to break the stage down. It invites the rest of you not on the stage, to be a part of the thronging pulsating mass of sheer devil horned frenzy. 

The prelims will be held in Delhi (Turquoise cottage on 28th Feb) and in Mumbai (Rude lounge on 6th March), it promises to be an electric event with enormous amounts of good ol’ hysterical headbanging and mosh pits that you might never surface out of!

  • Type of music: Rock/Metal/Funk/Grunge/Punk/Psychedelic/Alternative
  • Estimated audience: 200-300 in the prelims
  • Previously held at Café Morrison, Delhi; Chicane, Noida & B69, Mumbai.

[youtube_video id=uNt8aJyG8ic]

Registrations start now at

Drop in a reply with the name and number of the band representative so that they can call to confirm your registration.

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