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Saarang 2012 :: Day 4 :: ProShow Openers :: Faridkot


The least stressful day in terms of coverage, I looked forward to the final installment of Saarang 2012’s proshow line up.  

Delhi’s Faridkot took the stage at around 7pm. There was major zoning out on one of the sides of the stage and it reflected on the other. The band could have been made more interactive; it felt more like a jam session on big stage. And to add to it, the ‘security’ was intensified for this evening. Audience was very strictly made to sit & stay put throughout their performance. Not like there was much resistance except for when Laila was played. 

We caught up with the lead singer, Inderpreet Singh, for a bit after their show!

[youtube_video id=M5ZQTojG5P0]

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