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Arctic Monkeys post new track ‘R U Mine?’ online


The Indie rock sensation Arctic Monkeys, dazzled all by posting their new single ‘R U Mine‘ online.

In the wee hours of today morning, the elusive Arctic Monkeys posted a brand new single ‘R U MINE?’ with no added information regarding the release date. 

The enigmatic four-piece outfit had hinted that they would be “coming up with a new tune” soon. But no details were provided as they took a long tour across USA and Canada to support The Black Keys on their US arena tour right after. The song is not a part of their fourth album ‘Suck It And See’.

The R U Mine? video features the band cruising around the streets late at night listening to the California station KROQ playing the song for the first time. It’s an edgy black and white affair, with the band lip syncing throughout the video.

Artic Monkeys are known for being one of the first bands to come to public attention through the internet, thus starting a brand new method of promotion and marketing rather than the usual hackneyed ones. 

Go ahead, give ‘R U Mine‘ a listen.

[youtube_video id=esYaWX2bDYM]

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