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Saahil Bhargava – Mama is Soaring: Score Indie Reviews

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Saahil Bhargava is originally from New York, but has lived in London and Mumbai before calling Los Angeles home. After performing in front of a crowd as a young boy, he was hooked on to the thrill and decided then and there that he will pursue a career in music.

Saahil enjoys telling stories and exploring interesting concepts and emotions. All of his songs tend to be stories about characters going through emotional experiences or intense moments. The supremely talented artist is back with his brand new single “Mama” which reveals more of his storytelling abilities. Let’s find out more about the song.

“Mama” is about a young woman living in a hostile and oppressive environment. As a young girl, she tries to escape this place but is unable to under threat of death, and eventually conforms, becoming the very same as her oppressors. Eventually, she has children and finds out that her children want to escape just like she once did.

At first, she tries to stop them, for their safety and hers, but eventually, the children work together and manage to get out. While she is upset over losing them, she is also happy and proud that they were able to leave, hoping they realize their dreams.
The latest iteration of Saahil Bhargava’s sound maintains a strong focus on storytelling through music, often touching on themes of oppression and being one’s own self in the face of it.

“Mama” takes these ideas to the next level with a somber atmosphere packed with beautiful riffs, reverb laden ambient guitar leads, synth tones and a host of detailed, world-building effects held together and propelled by the tense, persistent rhythm. All of that musical excellence is driven to a glorious conclusion by the impassioned vocal delivery of Saahil Bhargava.

However, the beauty of the track doesn’t just lie in the musical proficiency of Saahil Bhargava, but in the relationship between its different parts. As all great songwriters know, quiet and patient moments are needed to balance the more explosive sections, and “Mama” accomplishes that very well.
If you have heard Saahil Bhargava’s music before, you will be able to continue enjoying his work with “Mama”. If this is the first time you are hearing his music, “Mama” is a great place to start.
Verdict: Wonderfully conceptualized and perfectly executed.

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