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Nyasa feat. Gaurav Chati – Panwa is Delicious: Score Indie Reviews

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From being a jam room secret to performing throughout the city with a troop of musicians; Nyasa distinguishes itself as an intoxicating brew of rich originals among mixed notes of Sufi, Folk and Avant-Garde. Melding Folk-filled melody within hard and heavy beats, Nyasa condenses a vast array of influence and experience with striking intellect. The band has collaborated with popular singer Gaurav Chati for their latest folk number “Panwa”, and that’s what we are reviewing here. 

“Panwa” a lovely Indian Folk song that shows what Paan means to its patrons. “Panwa” is a word used for paan, the term used to describe it in the UP-Bihar region. In this song, a paan lover is eagerly waiting for someone to offer him a paan at any cost. It’s an incredibly upbeat and happy song that is bound to put a smile on the face of anyone who likes paan (and perhaps make non-paan lovers fall in love with it). In true UP-Bihar folk music style, the musical arrangement is built upon some incredibly delicious tunes from instruments such as Harmonium, Dholak, and Dimdi among others.

“Panwa” shines with the verdant glory of betel leaves and does a great job of showcasing the love that India shares with paan. The song sounds like it’s coming from the heart of a true paan lover, lighting our day with his intimate candor, his fervour for the power of this humble yet wonderful delight, and his embrace of the power of paan to make his day. “Panwa” is a treat for anybody with ears for fun filled folk tunes, and the teeth to chew on the wonderful treat that is paan. Just don’t spit on the road later, yeah?

Verdict: Vibrant, fun filled and delicious, just like a paan.

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