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Rottweiler’s Final Surrender

Bangalore’s Final Surrender, a band with curious progressive metal stylings with emo trimmings, have just been signed up by American goth-punk label, Rottweiler Records.

Admittedly, things had simmered down for Final Surrender after the release of their debut EP, St. Sinner, last March, about a couple of months after their first album, Expanse, hit the airwaves to lukewarm responses. But now, with the next album being discussed earnestly, it seemed like the right time to pick up the threads. 

The move to Rottweiler Records has been made to ensure that they’ve sufficient marketing leverage before they get down to making their next album. Obviously intrigued by their novelty, Rottweiler also have plans to take Final Surrender abroad along with their music, in tandem with that impending follow-up release.

Here’s the unofficial video for Death Is Dead from 2010’s Expanse

[youtube_video id=GxqM2KUDccQ]

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