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Four phases of the day are explored in one smooth jam of a song that is Rohan Chaudhary’s Days With Her: Score Indie Reviews

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If there’s one word to describe Delhi-based folk-pop artist Rohan Chaudhary’s new single Days With Her, that will be smooth. He plays around with a familiar formula with a blues and bedroom pop-inspired sound but the formula works well enough for his song to be a jam worth listening to. 

He breaks down the track in four phases corresponding to phases of a day, ranging from cloudy mornings to solemn nights. In this sense, Days With Her doesn’t waste time in setting up the pretense of an ambitious, overdramatic romance. Rather, it comes off as a song that celebrates the little moments that the singer wishes to share with his significant other. Maybe, during the pandemic out of all times, celebrating these very moments has become essential for new-gen couples who can’t meet each other frequently. 

The concept aside, the songwriting is pretty straightforward and yet it wouldn’t come off as a major drawback. After all, Days With Her does capture the innocent stages of a newly-cemented foundation love. Perhaps this bubbly phase wouldn’t require many metaphorical declarations of romance. Chaudhary sounds heartfelt in terms of his words and voice and that does do the needful.

The rhythm guitaring and drumming patterns are again simple yet effective adorned further with a trumpet solo. The song finally ends with a spoken word part where Chaudhary does unleash his ‘poetic lover’ side, professing what he feels for his lady ‘every dusk and dawn’. That particular outro might draw polarising reactions as some might find it cute while others might just find it a bit dowdy. 

However, if one were to sum up, Days With Her is a fine, mid-paced song that’s heartfelt, pure, and perfectly wrapped within a duration of two minutes. 

Verdict: A celebratory tune of young, innocent love that serves its purpose.

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