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Rissin – Dear Mind, Nevermind: Score Indie Reviews

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Rissin is a brother-sister duo based out of Austin, Texas. The duo believes that it’s “crazy how much you can do with an iPhone” and run with this lo-fi, do-it-yourself motif throughout their debut EP “Dear Mind, Nevermind”. 

Lo-fi music has seen a major surge in popularity over the recent years, especially emerging as a great form of music to sit back and relax at home during the seemingly endless lockdowns all over the world. “Dear Mind, Nevermind” fully embraces the low fi aesthetic throughout its runtime of a little over 17 minutes. Some tracks feel sleepy, some feel dreamy and some feel hypnotic. They are all just busy enough to remind you that you’re listening to music without being distracting, making this EP a perfect soundtrack for multitasking or relaxing.

Just like most lo-fi music today, “Dear Mind, Nevermind” seems a little strange, off-brand, niche, and strangely familiar at the same time. Like an old photograph of yours where the context is hazy in your memory.

Verdict: Press play and relax.

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