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Review: Thurisaz’s new album The Cimmerian Years


Belgian metal band Thurisaz burst into the spotlight in 2004 with their debut album Scent Of A Dream. It was critically hailed for its masterful infusion of atmospheric themes with blackened death metal. 7 years on, the band’s third offering The Cimmerian Years continues in the same vein but with more of doom.

The intro track, Broken sets the tone and from the 2nd track My Precious Unknown, the band bares all for the world to hear. The three pronged vocal attack with complex song structures and ambient moods make for a great listening treat, although the AARRRGGG vocals do seem to wear out easily. There’s a mild Katatonia/early Anathema vibe that I seem to get from the music, as well as a bit of Agalloch worship but that’s never a bad thing now, is it?

The crushing guitars and the subtle basslines flow over the soft atmospheric layers with the masterful screams of Peter and Mattias Theuwen, complimenting each other perfectly. Special mention must be made about the song No Regrets which features Paul Kuhr of legendary doom metal band November’s Doom on vocals causing quite the aural onslaught.

The Cimmerian Years is Thurisaz’s attempt at diving into the pool of atmospheric doom metal rather than testing the waters as they’ve done with their earlier releases which were of atmospheric death/black metal. That coupled with intricate guitar work and stellar production puts this album among the best metal we’ve heard to date this year. Check out more information regarding the band here.

Recommended Listening: Fare Thee Well, Glance of Misconception

‘No Regrets- Thurisaz’

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