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Rapper André 3000 Cast as Jimi Hendrix in Upcoming Biopic

 We take a look at André 3000, the rap artist who’s supposed to be Jimi Hendrix in the upcoming Hendrix biopic ‘All Is By My Side’

American rapper André Benjamin, alias André 3000 (not another shady beer brand) has been cast as Jimi Hendrix in the long awaited biographical movie, ‘All Is By My Side’ which commemorates the musical legend. André, famous for his work in the hip-hop duo ‘OutKast’ is visibly pleased to emulate Hendrix. For those who don’t care, or cannot recollect, you might have seen him featured in the Gorillaz track ‘DoYaThing’. Yes, we see how your wicked mind is already trying to relate the poor guy to actual Gorillas, and we just want to state that it’s ethically wrong and you’re going to die in hell.

Although the decision to portray André has caused music fanatics to swear and snigger like Muttley, due credit must be given to the artist for his fervent campaigning for the film to be given the go ahead. André has acted in a few films before, and is excited to face this impending challenge. In addition to the four chords he’s already played on his hit number ‘Hey Ya!’, the rapper/actor is showing great signs of promise by trying to learn the F Major chord, augmenting his guitar prowess significantly.

The movie will portray Hendrix’s unadulterated awesomeness when he was working on his highly lauded debut album ‘Are You Experienced?’. But to the disappointment of all Hendrix fans, it looks as though the movie won’t be featuring any of the guitar legend’s psychedelic tracks, with Hendrix’s estate publicly denying the filmmakers’ requests to feature the guitarist’s songs in the movie. Practically speaking, it’s not the wisest call to make a biopic where you won’t be using the protagonist’s music, but lets give it time and see how it pans out.

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