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Questions To Theorized

If you have been living under a very heavy rock for the last week, you may not be aware that Theorized is playing at our Metallica Tribute this saturday. So we elbowed them into a corner and asked them inappropriate questions until they gave in. And all for you, dear reader. 

The Following is what ensued: 

(Also, all the questions begin with descending order numbers, because you know it takes a special kind of crazy to do that. The kind of crazy that will wrock your world this saturday, amiright?)

4 Songs of Metallica that you guys swear by/changed ur life and lou:

– (Rechargeable) Battery! – In the span of 5 mins and 09 secs, this song gets us super charged. Made us realize, we could try and play faster than we currently can. Just need our running shoes.
– Fade To Black – The song that made Madhav turn the Over Drive off and attempt clean Vocals. We love to see our vocalist attempt to sing Clean. Honest! (Major Chuckles!)
– Four Horsemen – We used to cover this initially when we started off. Yes, it is special. *sniff*
Master Of Puppets

3 ritual practices before every gig:

1. Bingo Mad Angles, Ciggis & Mirinda at Chetas shop. *Cheta wor small wor mirindaw* 

2. Seek blessings from thee Lassie & Pearl (Yash’s pets)
3. Light Incense Sticks in the Jam Room, break a coconut and start jam.

2 theories that theosize the name Theorized (said really quickly, seven times) 

Theory 1 – Around the time, a lot of Deodorant Ads were being Aired on TV. Founding members sankalp and Yash being inspired by the hotties from these ads, thought of this name – Deodorized. And then, one of the early vocalist of the band gets on stage, mispronounces it as “Theorized”. Thank You Kind Sir.

Theory 2 – On a serious note. We don’t know. 

1 band you would like to reincarnate as.

Beatallica! Oh… You don’t know Beatallica???!!! Check em out. 


Uh, these guys?


The Day That Never Comes – The Day Sandy gets Laid. The Day Yash speaks on the Mic. The day Ankit stops listening to Dubstep (wtf is that?!). The Day Sankalp can put in a single sentence without the word ‘dude’ in it. 
Seek & Destroy – Everyone gets a Tennis racquet for air guitaring. We use the electric ones to Kill ’em Mosquitos. Seek…& Destroy.

Nothing Else Matters
 – And Also Yash and Sankalp, the bassie (really!), can play the intro on the guitar to the song of the same title. 
The Memory Remains – How big a hit Ghajini was eh? 

Mama Said 
– No Smoking, No Drinking, No Drugs, No Swear Words, No Girls, No Whistling, No Spitting, No Fighting etc etc. Okay. Sure Mummy. 🙂
The Thing That Should Not Be – Chennai…. Y U Soooo Haawwtt!!!!
Where The Wild Things Are – *Lars Ulrich Style* ooommmnn, To your left? *points there*

Um, Can we go now? 

Sandhya is a senior Editor here at Score known for terrorizing bands and hapless interns alike. Readers are suggested not to make any sudden moves.

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