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Perry Farell Pisses The Brazilians Off

You’ve got to resist the soundbyte should, and would, be the first lesson in How To Be Famous And Not Get Screwed Over 101. The latest celebrity to have bitten the dust, so to speak, is Jane’s Addiction frontman, Perry Farrel.

Now, in his little chit-chat with Folha de S.Paulo, Brazil’s biggest daily, it is of little consequence what he said; it was more about what the Brazilians read. They read that Perry Farrel believes the Brazilians are ‘uneducated about music’, citing the Lollapalooza Brazil screw up – the ticketing website crashed minutes within launch and hackers got personal info on most buyers – as an example. He believed this was because Brazil’s never hosted big music festivals before, but figured they could do better cause “they should know what they’re doing. They sell tickets to Football matches!”

That’s how it came out and Perry Farrel has been trying to tweet his denials far and wide ever since. He’s vehement about it too, which is par for the course, considering the kind of vitriol being directed at him. He says he’s been misquoted, loves Brazil and it’s culture, and the reporter has pulled a fast one.

At the end of it all, you almost want to believe the guy. But this has turned into a belated cause for nationalism, and those are never really put down. So it’s good-bye Brazil, for Perry Farrell. “I’m sensitive, man. I’m leaving Brazil and I swear I’ve lost a few years.” Oh Perry, but things could always be worse.  

So, while he’s not putting his foot in it, Perry Farrell is better know for this.

[youtube_video id=sb3FJdRk-tI] 

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