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Peggy March: I will follow him

A very Happy Birthday to Peggy March, who introduced the world to the ‘Girl group’ sound of the 60’s.

It’s the International Women’s day and who better to start the day than ‘Little’ Peggy March. This stunning diva is best known her hit single ‘I will follow him‘.

[youtube_video id=YCCm5-mwtr8]

I will follow him, topped the charts instantly. However, I’m going to be a total feminist, cause you know, it’s the day and everything, and wonder if the lyrics were written by a man?! After some disgruntled googling I found out that they were in fact written by Jacques Plante, in French initially, and translated to English by Norman Gimbel

Now let’s have looksie at the lyrics here:

I must follow him, ever since he touched my hand I knew

That near him I always must be

And nothing can keep him from me

He is my destiny

These coupled with the adoring voice that Peggy sings in, just seems annoying. But what you can’t deny is that it’s  a nice, catchy song which you want to listen on loop even when it gets too sappy and a tad stalker-ish for it’s own good. Trust Peggy to take a song like that and turn it into something beautiful.

Also, if you’re wondering just where have you heard it, remember Whoopie Goldberg’s song for the pope in Sister’s act?

[youtube_video id=nqp89bkFe8k]

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