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Mob Marley Inc.: Moo with it

Presenting Mob Marley Inc. Our laidback and mellow Indie Patrol pick from the dusty streets of Delhi!

Mob Marley Inc. fans claim that the best position to listen to them for maximum effect is lying down on the floor of a dilapidated shack, with a joint hanging from your stoned fingers, right in middle of a full blown rave party. Such is the effect of their music.

They initially came together as a Bob Marley tribute band on the legend’s 65th birthday, featuring various musicians from different backgrounds. But you know what they say about Reggae- Once it sucks you in, it sucks you in good. Or something to that effect. Now, along with the Marley covers, they play “glitch-y funk-y reggae-y jams peppered with crazy renditions of some original & some “borrowed” classic tunes“.

The song below is something they came up with for the Holi cow festival, which explains the ‘Moo-ness’ in the title. This eclectic bovine orientated track just defines the essence of them chaps at the Mob Marley Inc.

[youtube_video id=O546svgUUCk#!]

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