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Parvaaz has dropped a new music video Shaad!

Bangalore based rock band Parvaaz releases a new music video for their single “Shaad”. The video has been Directed by Gokul Chakravarthy. Parvaaz are to play shows across the country to promote the single.

This song started as an acoustic piece with a different arrangement that Khalid used to play at solo gigs. It went through a metamorphosis when the band brought it into their fold soon became a regular part of the band’s live set. The song speaks about loss: That can be interpreted as loss of a valuable person, loss of value in companionship and yet moving on without regrets, and so on.

The journey has been long and arduous. But has also refined the band’s view on a lot things, musical and otherwise. Every new venture is a learning curve and they continue to approach each new project with the same fervour as their previous work. During these 3 years they have met people from various backgrounds in art, film and sound design and all of that has enriched their basic understanding of their work as well as life in general. It’s good to be around people who do things with passion and responsibility.

Gokul Chakravarthy, the writer and director of this video, is an independent filmmaker who had earlier collaborated with Parvaaz to produce the critically acclaimed themed live performance called “Transitions: Parvaaz live at Jagriti Theatre” in 2015. An audio/video bundle of this performance was released in early 2016 as well. Gokul is currently producing and directing a full-length documentary feature on Parvaaz, which is expected to release in 2017.

Shaad, which became a staple in Parvaaz’s live setlist within a year of the release of their debut album, Baran, was in a different sonic space than their previous creations. This new approach, which had a more-than- usual musical dance between silence and sound, slow rhythm and loud syncopation, drenched me with this feeling of duality – the duality that exists within every aspect of nature and the universe.

Tour Dates – March-April

Hard Rock Cafe

Date: March 30 th , 2017

City: Mumbai

Venue:Andheri, Mumbai

Indie Fest, Ahmedabad

Date: April 1 st , 2017

City: Ahmedabad

Venue: Gulmohar Greens Golf and Country Club

Hard Rock Cafe

Date: April 13 th , 2017


Venue:Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

The Humming Tree

Date: April 22 nd , 2017

City: Bangalore

Venue: 12 th Main, Indranagar, Bangalore

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