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Pallavi Ishpuniyani’s sophomore single Sehreyan Wala is an interesting take on a classic Punjabi wedding song: Score Indie Reviews

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Aaya Laadiye Ni Tera Sehreyan Wala is a popular Punjabi tune sung during weddings. It further achieved mainstream attention with a performance by Meesha Shafi and Naeem Abbas Rufi for Coke Studio’s ninth season. Now, Pallavi Ishpuniyani added her take on this tune in the form of the single Sehreyan Wala. 

Producer Avijeet Satapathy adds traditional instruments like the harmonium to keep the folk roots of the song intact but slight percussive rhythms throughout the track also give it a certain edge over the average ‘folk-pop renditions’ that we are used to hearing from native indie artists. 
Ishpuniyani’s vocals are perfectly in control.

She doesn’t seem to emphasise much on any unnecessary vocal stretches or harmonies and is just focused on merrily delivering her verses. The song’s main hook and refrain would be catchy enough for even non-Punjabi speaking demographics. In fact, considering that it’s a traditional tune, the vocal structure is pretty consistent and repetitive throughout. And yet the repetition never tends to reach the point of annoyance. 

The song is accompanied by a video set in the fields of Punjab as the singer seems to be joyfully singing and dancing on her own. It might be nothing new visually but is instantly optimistic, to say the least. Given how even mainstream Bollywood films continue incorporating Punjabi themes and lyrics (a significant example can be Jasleen Royal’s Din Shagna Da for the film Phillauri), this rendition of Aaya Laadiye Ni Tera Sehreyan Wala definitely can make for a good background track in a motion picture too. 

All in all, Pallavi Ishpuniyani’s melodies are at par with similar Punjabi folk renditions (many of which were popularised by the aforementioned Coke Studio). Her voice boasts of a certain positivity that makes this otherwise simple track more memorable.

Verdict: A cheery modern rendition of a classic Punjabi folk song. 

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