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In conversation with Osho Jain – Score Short Reads

In conversation with Osho Jain – Score Short Reads

Talk to us about how you started out as an artist

Music was a very major part of my upbringing. My whole childhood was about these beautiful ghazals and Indian Classical music that my parents used to listen to.

I opted for music during my school and then the learning never stopped. In high school, I figured that I had something interesting and unique to say and I started writing songs. It has been a crazy journey so far.

A lot of your music speaks about socially relevant topics. How do you pick the topics to talk about? Is there a regime?

I was always very sensitive about everything that was happening around me and I couldn’t stop myself from writing about it. My upbringing and my city also taught me a lot of these deep-rooted things about our society which later came into my songs naturally.

Osho Jain

Tell us a little bit about your songwriting process

I don’t have a process as such but there is always something going on in my head. A couplet or a melody is always stuck there and I keep trying to resolve it. Also, I really like to write my songs while I am traveling, there is a different feeling about it. Honestly, it is a very natural process for me.

How important are lyrics according to you for a song?

I think lyrics are a very important part of a song. Especially for me lyrics are one the most important thing in a song. It is very fascinating and beautiful that a simple combination of 10-15 words can make a person feel so many things. It is magic.

Tell us about your most recent release and how it came about amid the pandemic situation

I have released a lot of music during the pandemic. Dheere Dheere, Kya Pata, and Mushkil Hai are some of my picks from the lot.

Osho Jain

Talk to us about your recent session “Mulaqat”. What was it about?

Mulaqat is a very personal and intimate live session. It is an online show where I play my music and interact with people. It is a very organic session. We try to create a safe space for people to join and interact and enjoy my music and poetry. We do it once every two-three months. By far we have done 4-5 sessions and have been joined by almost 600-700 people.

Name 3 artists you would love to collaborate with

Lucky Ali, Bruno Major, Laura Marling.

Upcoming projects

It was a secret till now but I’m revealing it here that I am working on my first full-length album and it will be out soon.

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