In conversation with Osho Jain – Score Short Reads

In conversation with Osho Jain – Score Short Reads

Talk to us about how you started out as an artist

Music was a very major part of my upbringing. My whole childhood was about these beautiful ghazals and Indian Classical music that my parents used to listen to.

I opted for music during my school and then the learning never stopped. In high school, I figured that I had something interesting and unique to say and I started writing songs. It has been a crazy journey so far.

A lot of your music speaks about socially relevant topics. How do you pick the topics to talk about? Is there a regime?

I was always very sensitive about everything that was happening around me and I couldn’t stop myself from writing about it. My upbringing and my city also taught me a lot of these deep-rooted things about our society which later came into my songs naturally.

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