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Kaun Tu is a sombre heartbreak song by Nikhil Swaroop: Score Indie Reviews

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The music video for Nikhil Swaroop’s Kaun Tu opens with the sounds of running water, evoking a feel of calmness and bliss. This mood is carried on by Nikhil Swaroop beautifully throughout the song’s entirety. Heartbreak is surely a theme that never seems to get old for singers and songwriters, especially for the ones wielding a guitar and experimenting with indie and folk genres. Swaroop is no exception but fortunately he doesn’t fall within the cliched trappings of the theme.

The song’s blue-sy guitaring is soothing for the ears and his quavering vocals in the chorus make for a nice audio experience. Then, there are Samahita Narang’s background vocals towards the final parts that enhance Nikhil Swaroop’s voice to an even better level. 

All in all, Kaun Tu as its title suggests is dedicated to an old lover, a muse whom the singer seems to have forgotten (or is trying to forget). He is saddened by the fact that this particular ladylove is far away from his life, along with the memories and the dreams he spun with her. He wonders, as the singer himself says, ‘if she was really there or if it was all just a dream’. Swaroop’s lyrics are simple and yet they sound very heartfelt.

It is filled with no toxic feelings of withdrawal, or guilt-tripping a lover for leaving him. It’s just a bittersweet testament of the artist where he gets honest on letting a person go and simply coming to terms with his present state. 

As simple as it sounds, the song sounds equally emotional. The way indie pop songs by artists (chiefly Prateek Kuhad) are being used on web series for streaming platforms, a song like Kaun Tu seems like a perfect fit for a romantic comedy or a coming-of-age series. It’s that innocent and soulful. 

Verdict: Catchy and breezy, Kaun Tu is a soothing yet bittersweet love song.

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