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Kailasa Rangeele All Set To Launch!

It’s official. Well, almost. Kailash Kher has announced the launch of his band, Kailasa’s fourth studio effort, Kailasa Rangeele, sometime this month.

He made the announcement in Allahabad, where he was performing at Indian Institute of Information Technology. This should stir up a fair few tingles, coming as it does from the man who has single-handedly redefined indie-pop.

The album will have 12 songs, and Kailash Kher says three music videos have already been shot, edited and ready to be launched in support of the album.

It follows the moderate success of 2009’s Chaandan Mein, and surely Kailash Kher’s ethnically enhanced earthy soul will be looking to scale the overarching peaks of their earlier albums once again.

Check out the eponymously titled lead single from Chaandan Mein,

 [youtube_video id=YYo5L8x0c50]

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