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New Song, New Videos; It’s like being reborn.

With peeled senses, you’re not likely to miss any new music release in this new age of viral enthusiasms. But, if you did, you’ll always have us to bring these moments back to you, when you’re fresher and not caught in an eye-blinking frenzy. 

The Lady Is A Tramp – Tony Bennett feat. Lady Gaga

[youtube_video id=OqPcFM4pSao]

This is the latest single from Tony Bennett’s chart topping album, Duets. More importantly, it’s Lady Gaga, stripped down. We’re only talking about her face in the video here. Maybe it’s just the pleasantly underwhelming appearances, but Gaga and Tony Bennett seem to share a great chemistry.

Singing a track, which swings with the humor and incandescence in the dialogue between them, Gaga and Bennett seem totally in tune, in more ways than one. It’s like uncovering the secret to a great marriage, if you ever end up as a 80 year-old gent betrothed to a green-haired woman with goth leanings. 

You Know That I Know – Jack White

Jack White has his influences, which he loves revisiting. One of them is Hank Williams, the country great. So, it was no surprise to find one of White Stripes’ frontman’s covers squeezed into the The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams – a tribute album to the country music ace – in between other songs by noted country-folk patrons, like Bob Dylan, Norah Jones and Levon Helm. 

Beyond comparisons, Jack White manages to evoke the correct imageries while he sings You Know That I Know. The orchestral minimalism works out well, to let the Jack White do all the singing and haranguing that he’s anyway so good at.    

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