New Releases from Alicia Keys, B.o.B and INXS

Catch these very new singles, musical junkies! Get high on Score! (‘s list of new music files :D) 


[youtube_video id=D2-Pvh_fGNA]

Alicia Keys has so much soul, that it spills out with minimum effort. Her voice palpitates with emotions, but it’s not cheesy in the least. It also helps that there are no dance beat hooks attached to A Place Of My Own, which leaves you alone with the panorama of her words and melody.

The best part about it is, it was totally expected, the moment she decided to put out her new song at iHeartRadio 2011, as the audience hooted and clapped in anticipation. 


[youtube_video id=CA11T-3pAxk]

Strange Clouds isn’t a bad song per se; it just ends up making a lot of false promises. Bobby Simmons and his collaborator on this song, Li’l Wayne, are intent on having their ghetto influences shine, but it falls through because of the ubiquitous dance hook that trails it throughout.

So, at the end of the unholy mish-mash, it winds up being dance fodder, and an unremarkable one at that. Let it play through; bad things, like good things, never last.


[youtube_video id=h-Kq9blCH5Y]

INXS’s latest single, Tiny Summer assumes historic proportions here, becoming the first single release by the band with their new lead vocalist, Ciaran Gibbon, in tow. The song itself sounds like a retrospective tribute to REM, with traces of balladry that made Michael Stipe and his men world-beaters.

Anyway, for fans of the band, let out that sigh of relief, because Gibbon seems totally in tune. And that’s never an easy thing for the new guy.

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