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New Music From Greyshack!

New music from rock n roll act, Greyshack. Test the waters, right here.


This is a Chennai based band featuring Rohan Sen on the vocals, Vikram Vivekanand on the guitars, Madhav Ravindranath on bass & Vinay Ramakrishnan on the drums. They specialize in some good ol rock & roll!

Go on, click their names and get a glimpse of Greyshack. For further stalking, feel free to contact us. We have their addresses and MORE. Snicker.

These guys have been around for a while, since 2007 to be precise, and like most bands have had their fair share of line up alterations. But it is with the aforementioned gang that Gonzo came into being.

GONZO? Wazzat?

So I took the liberty of looking up Gonzo on Urban Dictionary. It started with me chortling but got quite scarring down the line. I then got clued in that Gonzo was with reference to the character played by Benicio del Toro in Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas.

Why so & much more will be told to you in a week. For now, check this OUT!

Gonzo Teaser by Grey Shack

So far so good? Let us know in the comments bar below! And if you are really aching, you may get a full fledged Gonzo before you know it. Snicker again.

You can catch em live on January 13th as part of The Chennai Global Music Festival at the Express Avenue Grounds!

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