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365 days of Katy Perry on the Billboard Top 10


 Whether you accuse her of using bi-curiosity to sell albums or being a satanist with ‘hidden meanings’ in her tracks – it seems like nothing can stop Katy Perry. As of this May Katy Perry is the first artiste ever to have her songs on the Billboard Top 10 for an entire year!

The American Singer, well known for I Kissed a Girl and her latest ET, has managed to stay on Billboard top 10 for 52 non stop weeks. The singer released Teenage Dream from her album of the same name just as her previous hit California Gurls was sliding down the charts. These were followed by Firework and now E.T that made sure she never lost her place. Perry has been nominated for a staggering 177 music awards, winning 41 of them. Who did she beat to set the record? The Swedish Pop group, Ace of Base with a 48 week stint in 1994.
Her next single that will be releasing is Last Friday Night (TGIF) which might just continue her run in Billboard. Lucky streak or well planned releases by her label?

‘E.T- Katy Perry feat. Kanye West’


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