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Euphoria croons for anti-corruption: Amreeka beckons!


The Dhoom! band is all set to release their fifth studio album this June after a hiatus of five years. The album will be taking a new direction, talking about issues such as the 2G and Common Wealth scams. Euphoria is all set to take this tour to the United States of America. 

Sneak Preview

Palash, the lead singer of the band says “The album is written with angst but there is lot of tongue-in-cheek humour as well. We have spoken about some issues directly, while others have been taken up indirectly”. Although issue-based songs will dominate the album, Euphoria is not forgetting their stronghold of simple love songs and promises atleast three love songs along the lines of Maeri and Kabhi aana meri gully in the upcoming album.

Touring Amreeka

The Hindi rock band will join hands with Nyoo T.V. to perform in the U.S.A this September. This will be the fourth time Euphoria performs outside India,this time to aid the developmental projects by the NGO AID India.

Maeri – Euphoria

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