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Music Review :: Jism 2

We bring to you the exclusive music review of Pooja Bhatt’s Jism 2.

Pooja Bhatt is back with one of 2012’s most anticipated movies – Jism 2. In an industry where sequels generally fail to deliver, she dares to defy norms and generate shock value by roping in an adult film star as her female protagonist who embodies the jism. Aside from the casting, the woman has hired a doctor-turned-composer Arko Pravo Banerjee (APB) to deliver the music. In my opinion, Doctor sahab has some seriously high standards to live upto for the following reasons:

1) The music of Jism (by M.M. Kreem), in simple words, achieved cult status. Be it the subtly erotic Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai or the melancholic Awaarapan Banjarapan, M.M. Kreem nailed it.

2) The context of the movie deserves an album which boasts of sensuous, highly passionate tracks with subtle undertones of eroticism. Basically, the music director has a huge canvas. 

3) Mahesh and Pooja Bhatt-productions are famous for having delivered some of the most iconic Hindi tracks heard in the past two decades.

Does the man deliver? Let us take a look:

APB ventures into familiar territory with the opening track, Abhi Abhi. Despite evoking a sense of déjà vu throughout the song (think of Lamhe from Gangster), one cannot help but appreciate the simplicity and lyrical beauty of this love ballad.

[youtube_video id=7DFL0n2a1Ys]

“Abhi abhi toh roshni aayi, abhi naa karo munh chhupane ki baat,
Abhi abhi zindagi shuru hai, abhi abhi tham jane ki baat.
Hum toh hare, mahiya re,
Moonde naina, neend tihare”

In a way, this song proves that one doesn’t require an orchestra to leave a mark. APB has created a beautiful song with the help of 3 primary instruments – a guitar, a piano and a drumkit. Singer K.K. effortlessly breezes through this song.


There was supposed to be a duet version of K.K. & Shreya Ghoshal. The music team has made a gross error by replacing Shreya’s duet by that of Akriti Kakkar. Apparently, it wasnt supposed to be a part of the album in the first place and I shall update my review once Shreya’s version is out. 

Indian Idol runner up Sonu Kakkar sings Yeh Kasoor. Known to have sung many items songs such as Babuji Dheere Chalo & Hitchki, she impresses with her subdued singing while getting all the notes correct. The song is a crossbreed between a lament and appreciating a lover and it manages to touch the desired heartstrings.

Yeh Jism Hai To Kya plays next. The song has garnered a lot of acclaim and has been creating ripples of admiration. The two stars of this song are Ali Azmat (of Sayonee fame) and the sounds of the violin. APB has truly hit the bull’s eye. A stunning melody backed by striking lyrics and an authoritative voice makes this song a must-hear. The violin interludes evoke a deep sense of pathos.

[youtube_video id=9NRK5x9reME]

Darta Hoon (Adhoora) is up next. This song was originally composed by Pakistani band RUShk. RUShk is a progressive gothic metal band that hails from Karachi. One wonders how a Gothic Techno Rock song such as Darta Hoon will be used in a movie like Jism 2. After hearing the song, it starts to make sense. The song screams passion and pain and in its own screwed up way, it pays homage to these emotions.

Unoosha sings the techno track Hey Walla. Predominantly sung in English, this one seems to be a situational track to take the story forward. The groovy mystical arrangements appealed to me. To me, the song vaguely signifies a sense of impending doom – you know those tracks which are heard in the background with the main aim of building a crescendo when something dramatic is going to occur.

As the saying goes, the best is reserved for the last. The album comes to an end with Maula. Once again sung by Ali Azmat, Maula is a gem. I love everything about this melancholic song – the blatant Indianness, the mesmerizing vocals, the spectacular arrangements, the brilliant sounds of the cello and last, but not the least, the gripping lyrics. APB has a sure-shot winner in his hands. I wish there was a duet version of this song by Ali Azmat & Shreya Ghoshal – now THAT would’ve been magical.

[youtube_video id=sNI4CzfN1vA]

“Ishq bhi kiya re maula, dard bhi diya re maula
Kyoon tu khush raha, magar kuch reh gaya baaki
Fakr bhi kiya re maula, Ilm bhi liya re maula
Zindagi jiya magar kuch reh gaya baaki”

As the music started to fade, I was left with mixed emotions. There isn’t a shred of doubt that Arko Pravo Banerjee (APB) has delivered a winning album. Each song left an impact on me. I wanted to listen to every song on loop. The songs managed to move me with their innate melody. As a standalone album, it is simply amazing. Another factor that works in its favour is the astounding poetic lyrics by Arko Pravo Banerjee & Munish Makhija. As a successor to Jism, the music disappoints. The lack of sensuousness and eroticism in the songs is disconcerting. There isn’t a single Jaadu Hai Nasha or Chalo Tumko Lekar Chale and this fact is truly disappointing. Moreover, the album lacks a significant female voice which, undoubtedly, would’ve been a pleasure to hear. Anyway, giving the album the benefit of the doubt, you need to hear it for sure. Go grab a copy now!

SHRESHT’S PICKS: Maula, Ye Jism Hai, Abhi Abhi (Duet)

RATING: ***1/2 out of *****

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