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Music Review :: Ishaqzaade

We bring to you the exclusive music review of Ishaqzaade.

Ishaqzaade is a special movie for multiple reasons:

a) It is a dream launch pad for any newbie in B-town and the hunk in question here is Arjun Kapoor – son of producer Boney Kapoor (from his first marriage) and the late Mona Kapoor. For those not in the know, he was to make his debut with 2011’s Virus Diwan, a movie under the Y-Films banner of Yash Raj Films, which eventually got shelved.

b) It brings back Parineeti Chopra – the most happening, bubbly and believable debutante of 2011.

c) Yash Raj Films – need anything more be said? In Bollywood, two banners are known to regularly churn out good & melodious music – Dharma Productions and Yash Raj Films.

d) Amit Trivedi is the music director. Known for his funky, eccentric musical style, he is the man behind the soundtracks of Dev D, Aisha, No One Killed Jessica & Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu.

Does Ishaqzaade’s music live up to the hoopla surrounding it?


As usual abandoning sequential reviewing, my favorite track is the indo-rock ballad Pareshaan. All the praises in India (the world is a bit too ambitious at this juncture) might be too less for newbie singer Shalmali Kholgade. Despite suffering from an occasional Sunidhi-Chauhan-meets-Shreya-Ghosal-hangover, she infuses a fresh breath of life into this oh-so-brilliantly composed song. Interspersed with swooning harmonium interludes and intoxicating crescendos, Shalmali’s silky smooth voice beautifully escalates Kausar Munir’s lyrics.  Her voice has a rare delicate quality – soft at times, powerful otherwise – which is conspicuously absent from the modern-day array of singers. Once again, a special mention to Amit Trivedi for composing this track; the arrangements of which are technically brilliant.

“Naye naye naina mere dhoonde hai darbadar kyun tujhe,
Naye naye manzar yeh tak te hai iss kadar kyun mujhe,
Zara zara phoolon pe jadne laga dil mera,
Zara zara kaanton se lagne laga dil mera,
Main pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan
Aatishein woh kahaan
Main pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan
Ranjishein hai dhuan”

[youtube_video id=B6E01IatDm0] 

P.S. I’ve heard Shalmali perform live at The Bartender gig (read about it HERE) and dear readers, you should grab the opportunity the next time it presents itself.


Opening up to the sound of what I believe is the Oboe, Ishaqzaade’s title track is a masterpiece in itself.  Funnily, the primary riff gives off a victorious vibe as if it were saying ‘Yes! I am proudly in love’ or maybe ‘Yes! My love has won’. Javed Ali’s voice overflows with metaphorical love. The penultimate addition of Shreya Ghoshal in a duet with Javed is the highlight of this song – I was bowled over by its beauty.


“Aashiqon main jis ka title titanic
Muah kinara dikha kar ke dooba de gaya
Jhalla, mera aashiq jhalla wallah
Mera balma jhalla wallah
Mera jhalla wallah wallah”

Despite the stark similarity to Bunty Aur Babli’s Kajra Re, Shreya Ghoshal’s Jhalla Wallah manages to hold its own. An out-and-out fun number, it stands out due to Kausar Munir’s eccentric and imaginative lyrics. The beauty of this song lies in the fact it is perfect for an item number as well as a lovey-dovey girl-teases-guy number. I cannot wait to see its promo.

P.S. When you do hear this song, make sure your speakers are on the loudest level possible to enjoy this song to the max.


WOW! A C-R-A-Z-Y duet by Vishal Dadlani & Sunidhi Chauhan (and lyrics by Habib Faisal)! Yay! I love the combination of this duo. I’m still stunned by the impact of this song. A normal song has a fixed chorus with varying verses. This one stuns the listener by the dynamic fluctuations in its graph by presenting a different tune by the minute. Featuring a lyrical banter between the protagonists, it is the most complex song in the entire soundtrack and undoubtedly, must have been a pain in the a** to compose, let alone sing. Kudos to the entire team behind Ishaqzaade’s soundtrack for composing this track.


Grunge-meets-Rock-meets-House seems to be the theme behind one of the most powerful tracks heard in recent times – Aafaton Ke Parinde – which literally means ‘Birds of trouble’. Featuring the word Ishaqzaade in it, this song could have easily been the alternate title track. The docility in Divya Kumar’s voice beautifully contrasts Suraj Jagan’s addictive cries. Do headbang & mosh your way through this song which has serious influences of dubstep and truly plays with your mind with its inebriating tendencies.

“Halaalon mein haraamon mein
Jo milte the hazaaron mein
Ishaqzaade, ishaqzaade
Kahaan hai ab jahaanon mein”

[youtube_video id=aSl73rs5t0k]


The album has 2 remixes by Abhijit Vaghani – Pareshaan & Jhalla Wallah. Compared to the above mentioned songs, these aren’t even worth mentioning.

I rest my case.

Amit Trivedi has pulled off yet another great soundtrack and has managed to increase the curiosity value of the movie. Time and again, the man displays his versatility and impresses the listeners with his strong grasp over music direction. I will watch Ishaqzaade for many reasons – one of them being its music. Make sure you have this CD in your collection! Ishaqzaade releases on May 11,2012. 

SHRESHT’S PICKS:  All of them (minus the remixes)!

RATING: ****1/2 out of *****

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