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Abstraction in the Abyss is what it sounds like and Moli shows us a glimpse of the creative process – Score Indie Reviews

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Abstraction as an idea, is a rather interesting one. Taking something we know and pushing it to the limits to a point where its identity is warped? Sounds pretty interesting and rather brave. Moli tries to embody that idea through this series of live performances, heavily reliant on improvisation. Taking the idea of psychedelic rock and soundscapes, Moli works on creating something new and impromptu through this and its riddled with so many subtle and some not-so-subtle elements of musicality. 

Working with a solid foundation of analog and digital sounds, he establishes a vivid sound to which he plays the many instruments. With all his music following a psychedelic sound, this performance stays in line with that and is riddled with haunting melodies and some very dense chordal elements.

The sound design is an integral part to all this and it is drenched in some analog goodness that is much appreciated. However, it does come with some things that can be considered as an ‘acquired taste’. If you’re a fan of this genre, this won’t bother you. But for those of us who are new to it, the dense sounds can sound a little too dense at times. The lack of a structure or something to carry the tune forward, is also something that could throw off new listeners. 

But looking back at the title of the tune, ‘Abstraction’ is a key word. By that precedent, it does succeed at taking traditional ideas and pushing them to the extremes. And sometimes, the product is going to push boundaries of what people are used to and what they aren’t. So its not as easy as saying ‘this is a great tune.

You should check it out’. However, it is definitely worth checking out and understanding the more meta side of things. It is bold and can be new to a lot of people. And pushing boundaries is how we get new things. So in that sense, it lives up to the name of the track. 

Verdict: Bold and Daring.

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