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Modern Mafia unveiled

 Modern Mafia at Cool Chef Cafe (Mumbai) at 9 pm on Sunday, January 22nd! 

In a world where band members think twice before divvying groupies with each other, these Mafias feel like the a fresh breath of your first love. Rarely would you have seen a band so in sync with each other on every front. But surprisingly, the only thing common in this conundrum of a group is a sheep fetish and some deep-seated love for Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions. Their variety of conflicting tastes range from sticks, to hummous, to clowns… and even Greenday(!).

“Every kid had that dream of starting a band with some of their best friends and even fewer get to live it. We do what we want to do, when we want to do it. We might seem a little cocky on stage with our crazy old skool mafia outfits and our bad impersonations of Arnie but we love every moment of it” ~ Varun

[youtube_video id=q5y4BIWIVDk]

With their sound as tight as their artistically cut trousers, Modern Mafia is all set to make humongous waves at The Cool Chef Café on Sunday, January 22nd. Close knit to the point of being inappropriate, Varun, Ishaan, Karun and Krehl are a part of something more than just a band.

Modern Mafia in a nutshell is like a pseudo family. I couldn‘t ask for three people who are more professional and down to earth than Varun Das, Ishaan Krishna and Karun Kanampilly, three of the most dedicated musicians in the business and great people as well”- Krehl

[youtube_video id=th4Gg_29P-A]

Pure music without wax is their motto. And who wouldn’t want to see them play live? 

“What makes us work as a band is that we all have similar musical sensibilities and do the musical equivalent of finishing each-others sentences“- Karun

More details on the event: Click Here.

Also, as a treat for all the fans out there, The Score Team will be unveiling snazzy videos about Modern Mafia, which we’ll be showing alongwith their official new video! Come say hi to us. We’ll have magazines and subscriptions!

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