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Those metals that don’t rust!

India is sizzling with the colours of festivities in air and it will not be long enough when the heavy metal, progressive American band Dream Theater bombards the audience with their soul lifting music once again. The metal heads of India however, were cultured in an electrolytic soup of some the most world class head banging music (of India) with some actual wreckage piling up from the host of musical bands that are no less than some of the big shot indie music bands of the west. And, to reflect on some of the riotous shrapnel from India would be absolutely no less fun than juggling with acid and fire on both hands.

Demonic Resurrection is one of the hotshots that any sub continental new age band looks up to and any die hard metal head would actually indulge the most in. Demonic Resurrection was fuelled by the enthusiasm of a troupe of teenagers more than a decade ago. The DR hails from Mumbai and has managed to get an audience in the international sphere be it from the legacy of its albums or through the myriads of music festivals it has stormed for ages. DR now boasts of an amazing list of foreign and Indian blackened death metal gigs. DR actually publicized the Indian metallic hearts to an extent where they became the representative face for any thing that was outrageously shining and metallic. Their bass blasts, symphonic blackened death metal and bass drumming and tremolo picking sets the tone for a different kind of trip altogether which is disorienting and riveting at the same time.

Bhayanak Maut bestrides on the thesis that in order to create some thing, one has to destroy some thing else. Formed over a decade ago, BM has become soon the face of heavy metal in India. Maintaining a trippy flippy website, BM is promises one of the most amazing grid of live performances. Their songs have more uncanny names than the phrases in the surrealist films, be it the “Princest” or “Chakna for Church”. They are blunt, sharp, high and edgy wishing to “laugh their way through the apocalypse.”

Undying Inc is  heavy hard hitting gritty band from Delhi. Ever since its inception the band has seen a lot of ebbs and tides that meant a lot of permutations and combinations. What is worse is that UI has also seen a lot of gig free days. But it never surrendered to the odds and catered to its rabid fans sticking to its underground ethics. It had toured the Norway with its music and has blazed the underground inferno metal fest too! Many rate these Delhi Dynamites a couple of notch higher than the popular DR.

Inner Sactum from Bangalore has been an outrageous wrecking ball for the heavy metal stage in India. Inner Sanctum has opened for Metallica in 2011 Rock n’ India and had also for Slayer in 2012. Inner Sanctum rocked with numbers like Quarantine but is still awaiting to ablaze the indie music scene with its prowess.

The Down Troddence, is an amazing mix of folk and thrash metal. Not many bands in India sound so rooted as the TDR from Kerala. The indigenous mix and the blasting sonic booms will give serious dope shots to the metal heads and make any audiophiles’ hair rise to its end.

Sky harbour has given a successful psychedelic ecstasy  to the many head bangers across the world. They have a high rage range but interestingly their music often makes the mind traverse through the dreamscapes and that makes them another prized possession in the indie music scene. Sky Harbour had been rewarded time and again with prestigious awards like the Rolling Stone Awards for example. Their high octane progressions are as profound as their burgeoning entry into the international music market.

Gutslit is a all hands down brutal slam grind band from Mumbai. Gutslit was a grungy little group of musicians who wanted their music to be sickest, grisliest and outright brain smashing. Gutslit has clearly been the face of the kind of music that they screamed out live on stage. For a long time Gutslit was the only name for one of the most sickest and the botched up music from the entire sub continent. The band has gone through a lot of facelifts while giving away with the lead vocalists and sometimes even settling without an actual drummer.

Devoid belches a lot of fire when they are onstage for their hard hitting top notch death mtal thrashes. This Mumbai band has toured across the nation with elan and has signed a contract with Demonslayer for the release off their debut album “A God’s Lie”. they are also one of the youngest bands to receive an endorsement from the ESP Guitars and Basses through Furtados Music. Devoid had also enjoyed playing in front of a zillion frenzied metal heads in the Dubai Resurrection Fest.

Hyperion is another honorary mention in this list. Hyperion has pulverized a host of audience purely by the mix and match of different talents from hard core raw energies from Undying Inc and other bands like 1833 AD. The influx of different flavours have of course given a facelift to the otherwise roof tearing voices of the core trinity.

So, before the Dream Theater wreck a mayhem on the sub continent it would be a great orgasm to see some rusty old beat breaks from the ones mentioned o this list.



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