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Master of Boardgames – Metallica Monopoly.


Monopoly; the world’s most popular board game, gets customized to celebrate the history and music of the heavy metal band Metallica. 

Metallica released a version of the Monopoly game on June 13th.The game play is the same as the regular version of Mononpoly, but Metallica fans will get an extra kick out of the customized elements of this special edition, which includes songs, albums and lyrics from the band’s 30-year history.

Players have the choice of using the Metallica Ninja Star, Kill ‘Em All Hammer, And Justice for All Scales, St. Anger Fist, Black Album Snake and the Jump in the Fire Demon as game pieces. Community Chest and Chance board spaces have been replaced with “Binge and Purge” and “Jump in the Fire”. And instead of building houses and hotels on their properties, players can accumulate arenas and stadiums.

Metallica Collectors edition monopoly game is now avaliable through the Metallica Store:

Let’s hope it comes to India soon.

In other news, if you’re more of an AC/DC fan, there have been reports of a similar board game coming out based on them. Players will buy, sell and trade AC/DC albums and international locations and improve their properties with gold and platinum records. The six tokens will be Cannon (“For Those About To Rock”), Bundle of Dynamite (“T.N.T.”), Bell on Fire (“Hells Bells”), Lightning Bolt (“Thunder Struck”), Angus’s School Boy Hat (“School Days”), Stacks of Cash (“Money Talks”). The game is going in for production this week and will be available in the US this August.

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